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new pixel portraits

I'm doing more pixel portraits for the first time in a long time.

So far, there's Kelly and clean-shaven Chris.

I'm gonna make Luca a long overdue blocky doppelganger ( I think I promised her one about a year ago ), then move onto whoever else seems most fun to draw. :P
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So many things

Oh yes -- change is afoot.

Like, immense changes.

I'm gonna dole it all in the next few days, one item at a time.

First up, I shaved my face clean for the first time in about five years. While I was at it, I figured I might as well have some fun:

I kind of freaked myself out -- it still feels like there's a stranger in the mirror. I'm not sure if I like it yet. I'll give it a week or so to grow on me, then decide how to arrange my face.
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Condo Panorama

Most of the boxes have ( finally ) been unpacked. I still need a filling cabinet and some more shelving, but the first floor is coming along.

Click to see the *real* detail!
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Philly Ice Cream Festival 2008

The 10th annual Philadelphia Ice Cream Festival ( AKA "The best day of the year" ) happened this past weekend.

We hit it, and we hit it *hard*.

Here are the final tallies for our intrepid group of participants:

Newcomer Caitlin came in with 9 scoops. A good showing, but she'll have to add more NOM next time ;D

Also new to the Philly ice cream scene is Kelly, who finished with 11 scoops. That's PRETTY OKAY.

Philly native Sara ended up with 14 scoops ( Philadelphians get an inherent positive modifier to their ice cream eating ability .)

Erik demonstrated the Philly modifier quite well with 17 scoops of delicious.

Getting up into the seasoned veterans, Shef Steve finished with 19 scoops. That's pretty average for him. :P

Algernon blew away his previous best with 35 scoops. Seriously impressive stuff!

But what of me, faithful readers? I finished with 46 scoops in less than an hour. This beat my previously held record of 41 scoops in 2006, and is the highest scoop count in recorded Philadelphia Ice Cream Festival history.

It may have been the proudest moment in my life.

Also attending were Dave and Lisa, but they unfortunately were not around to have their final photos taken.

A special thanks goes out to all the folks that came down from new york to eat with us -- the more friends, the better the ice cream! ;D
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Condo Photos

I've got a barebones setup here in my new place, so I've been able to sleep here all week. Unfortunately, sleeping is about all I've done here -- there have been a string of late nights at the office, which have actually been productive and *gasp* fun.

Here's a tour!

Collapse )

The next steps I'll be taking:
1. Fly out to CA for packing and company board meeting
2. Order ridiculously huge television for games and media
3. Decide on placement of a work desk ( or 3 ) and seating for guests.
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house-closing photojournal

Yesterday marked the closing of my purchase of my condo in Jersey City. To commemorate the occasion, I made a little photojournal of the whole day leading up to closing ( at least, the parts I felt I could get away with photographing ).

Collapse )

It was a pretty hectic day, but now it's all mine and I can start making it into a home. More photos of the inside are forthcoming!
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My electric guitar has been in the shop for two weeks now.

Because of that, this is a very quick and dirty Basket Case on the ukulele / banjo.